ALWAYS dress your best, because you’re personality isnt the first thing that people see.

Frankie Bleau – Bleau Enterprises, LLC


Wardrobe Stylist & Digital Curator, Based in Houston, TX is Frankie Bleau. Invigorated by Fashion & Entertainment, since youth, I was never afraid to defye the odds. Since I was a little boy, I’d unknowingly been around Fashion with my first actual date being to the mall with my mother.

Self taught, I dove head first into all things Fashion!

Intrigued by Womens and Mens Fashion without the barriers, I began to notice my appeal to masses of any genre, introducing a new way of Fashion with eye-catching designs and prestigious wardrobe styling. Ceasing the opportunity I began logging in years of work on a number of different sets including the NBA, NFL, Teen Vogue, & LOCAL Miami Mag..

Continuing to fulfill my desire for Fashion, I founded Autumn of 2015 to entertain and spread the joy that I was feeling, only then beginning my exciting journey. Since, I’ve engaged with over 1.1 million people over all social platforms and direct contact forums on the blog helping men, and even women, over all ranges elevate their style.