Water is Life. Iย mean, seriously though. Without water, life wouldn’t be anything. Water is something that you’re going to use everyday. But one way we don’t use it enough is in our bodies. Yup, that’s right. Not drinking enough water. Did you know up to %60 of the adult human body is composed of water? […]

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carrying your carry-on

Traveling is such a good thing to look forward to. The different weather, varied cultures, food, and just a plain old good vacation! But… on the flip side, you have the not so fun part – Packing. So I wanted to put together this quick little post on how to prepare these important things. I […]

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The Bath Bomb

Happy Easter ! With good Friday AND Easter just about over, it’s due time for a little wine, dine, and relaxation. Now gentleman I know the first thing we think of to ‘relax’ is a little more explicit than what I’m sharing with you right now, but this will definitely do. So there’s this beautiful […]

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