Off White Fall” is a demonstrative look of label unexcessiveness. Label unexcessiveness? Well, that’s exactly what says. But in a more clear format = Wearing labels without flaunting them.screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-4-04-01-pm


 There’s always ways to keep it classic and professional when wearing an excessive amount of labels by simply keeping it minimal. Mix and match. Blend. Play with the angles. & most of all, have fun with it.



This butterfly cut Blazer is the perfect assembe for such a dramatic pant. Throwing a signature belt on always enhances visual appeal, giving you that signature “flaunt” just to show you have it. LOL! Lastly, my favorite boot of all time, my snake skin ankle boot! What I love most about it is the versatility that it gives! It can go either as just a plain brown boot, OR a printed accessory! Amazing, right?



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