It’s always hard dealing with Spring weather.  You get a little rain, get a little shine, get a little heat, and definitely a few cold breezes. & it’s all fun, until the pollen unleashes. Talk about bi-polar?

The one thing I hate more than anything is the awkward “What the fuck is he wearing” looks when I have on a fur because it’s 59 degrees with slight wind blowing. Lol. But I don’t fully understand those looks until I find myself trying to pack for a trip and can’t figure out the weather b/c all of my friends are dressing like a 4 Seasons symbol. Lol.

So here’s to a clear post of Winter to Spring style! Haha


vest : Rebecca Taylor |

turtleneck : Vince |

pants : Zara |

boots : H&M |

1.) It does still get cold in Spring.

This is the fun part. Spring & Summer are the two seasons that heavily require statement pieces. & light statement pieces at that. Mainly because we can’t layer or throw on these long extravagant coats, therefore we have to improvise. Now this isn’t something that you’d wear on a warmer normal Spring day.IMG_1528

The statement that we have here is this sweater! I’d been eyeing this piece for about a month and a half every time I would go into Nordstroms it’d just be there waving like “Hey”. One day I went in and they had put it up on the mannequin and the wind was blowing when I opened the door. I couldn’t jump up to get it quick enough.

Now with your staple pieces you don’t want to over do it. Again , this is Spring so you want to be as minimal and eye-catching as possible. Then again, your style is your style. I just don’t want you to be out sweating ouchea’. Lol.


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM

2.) Play with lengths and drapery.


| ZARA : tee-shirt

| The Black Wolf : custom-pants

| PUMA : shoes

| ZARA : bag

One thing I notice that works for me, as well as other gentleman i’ve advised is playing with length. Quick and super easy way to take a outfit to the next level. Low neck lines, high neck lines, x-long tees, 3|4th length arms ALL make an outfit look sick as hell!



The Wide Brim Hat is beneficial for all seasons. So invest in one that is timeless.



So remember a couple of weeks ago how I was telling you guys about The Wide Brim and how crucial it is to your wardrobe now? Well – I told you. Some of you guys were like ” Ohh, you just like them because Beyonce wore it. Totally neglecting that Future has an entire line of them that he wears *cue upside down smiling emoji face*

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM.png


shit : The Black Wolf |

pants : The Black Wolf |

shoe : ALDO |

sun-glasses : Versace |

3.) Add a little trend to it.

So many times I see us all dressing the same. Just a tee, jeans, and the hottest sneakers at the moment. Play with your versatility. Try new things, or just wear what you really wanna wear. Lol. You’d be surprised at the feedback that you get back or the difference in the way you’ll feel.



Fashion is art. It’s so expressive, independent, and original. There’s no right or wrong and I tell you guys this all the time. Just make it interesting and appropriate. Hell, I have on Leather in beginning of Spring. But it’s looks damn hot! Literally! Lol.


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