shirt : Ed Hary |

shorts : distressed Levi |

shoes : ZARA |


I was going through my closet this past weekend and found a couple of throwback garments that has inspired me to start this little #TBT blog post of brands that have classic pieces to date.

Let’s start with phenomenon : Ed Hardy

I wore this shirt all day to meetings, the Grocery Store and got a trillion compliments, and I found it very funny when They finally asked, ‘Where’d you get that shirt man?’ and got the designer, they kind of snorted their nose up. Ed Hardy is such a powerful brand with influence over a lot of current designs. I mean, literally, who else did you think started the true Graphic Tee?


It was originally a Polo style shirt, but Mandarin Collars suited best with this style of shirt. I found so many ed Hardy pieces it’s not even funny. My classic hats, T-Shirts, the original skull head Tee.. JUST SO MUCH! &

Honestly, I was going to throw it away, but I saw an opportunity to re-invent

, and most importantly not waste money because they sure weren”t cheap. Lol. I did so by kind of ‘modernizing’ what could be – being that the shirts are still repeated to this day it wasn’t that hard. I’ll show you guys along the way what I came up with, and a couple of ways to re-vamp your wardrobe to suit how you currently feel. & it’s all pretty easy. Some things simple scissors and fabric glue can create a brand new masterpiece.


All in all, Just make it yours. Have fun with your clothes! Both new and old! It’s not bad to re-invent your pieces and wear them a couple times over.




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