Los Angeles is definitely one of those cities that will capture your heart more than you’d ever want. On a vacay, it gives you just enough to keep you wanting more, creating that everyday desire to move there. You know? Now this isn’t my first time going to Los Angeles, but this is the first time I’ve gone and been able to really experience it. & let me tell you, I’m so ready to MOVE back! Haha.img_0060

shirt : ZARA |

pants : Gucci |

shoes : ALDO |

The one thing that I can tell you about L.A. is that it is real life!

What I mean by that is it isn’t all Lights, Camera, Action. It’s not the entire Fairy tale that we see on every TV screen – nonetheless it is a very magical place. L.A. gives you this desire to get up, this ambition to become more, and this indescribable drive to be the best! Its truly a feeling.

I didn’t really document this trip as much as I’d like because I went for my birthday (1:16 #Capricorn) and I kind of went for a reflecting upon myself, goals, aspirations, and figuring out ways to achieve all of those things. Also I was stumbling up and down west Hollywood most of the trip. 🙂

I have many many trips planned back and forth to L.A. so trust me, you’ll definitely get to see it through my eyes. But I just really selfishly took this time to myself. I wanted to really take the time to reflect and make some appropriate changes for myself and internal well-being. Which is extremely important to do.



For my birthday, I wanted to do something very different. Very out there. So I went Honeycomb Blonde. Lol.




It’s all bout having a little heart!

A couple of people were like totally against me dying my hair but one thing that I’m really learning to do is completely do what makes me happy! Regardless of anything. & on top of it all, it looked pretty good if I do say so myself, & not to mention that I did it myself! I wish I had more time to get a couple of more looks but hey… we all have to have a little fun sometime.


But the most beautiful thing that I couldn’t miss was the hike up the notorious Runyon Canyon. It was literally breathtaking. Although it was a little hike getting up there being the I was dressed like a chic sports ad, I made it work. Lol!

Moral of this entire post is I’m back! Lol.

Play time is over, now back to securing the bag! Lol.


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