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Anything white, regardless of the season, is like a unspeakable tale of fiction with Dragons and Ponies. Lol. But no seriously, White coats are one of the hardest pieces to style-mainly because of trying to make sure it stays the same color throughout the day. I want to share with you guys a couple of tips on how I gussy up the courage to do a White coat and not look like the Michelin man while doing so.


  1. ) First thing is knowing the limits of your jacket.

What I mean by this is identifying your piece. & this goes for any staple that you’re looking to style. For example, this isn’t necessarily an office jacket. It’s more for street style and an urban appeal. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t wear this to the office, i just wouldn’t recommend it. Speaking a little form experience-I tried to do this jacket with a more ‘9-5’ type of appeal, and sadly, nothing! Lol.


The easiest way to do this, is just do it. It comes easier that way. I highly suggest picking some of your favorite pieces and forcing them to match. In this day and age, you don’t have color code everything that and look like your favorite Ohs Kosh outfit as a child. Lol.


For example, the two looks that I decided to do are easy, and still just as stylish. Literally just some piece that I pulled together. The coat in itself is a statement, so its just like adding the right punctuation to make the sentence make sense.

2.) Give it some flavor.

the one thing that controls your outfit, regardless of the piece, is your attitude and the style that you carry when wearing it. You have to damn near become it. Otherwise, it’s not believable. Un-authentic. You see, the winter has such a love, sweet relationship with Fashion. Now, layering is such a different ball-game, especially when it comes to your coat. Your coat is always going to be one of the first things that is seen.


So, here are the keys:

1.) Know the limits! – A white jacket does come with some limitations and stipulations! Starting with how easily things will stain. So keep that one part in mind when thinking about your errands for the day.

* One thing that I like to do is either color-block, or wear all black. That’s with any coat/jacket period. What I mean by this is basically not trying to double up or over layer. Keep it simple. It’s not a simple jacket, so let it do it’s job. You wanna make sure that it’s stylish, but doesn’t look to forced. Nothing worse than that.

2.) Spice it up! – NOTHING can mock it how you rock it! Adding flavor, your flavor that is, is the easiest way to wear anything that you have. I promise. It’ll make everything more comfortable at that.

*  I make everything that I put on mine! Period. Wear it like its your last time wearing anything white. Wear that white piece like you’re going to meet Jesus Christ himself. Once you where it like you deserve it, everything will follow well behind.


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