tee : ZARA |

jeans : custom G-Star |

shoes : Chanel |

hat : Margiela |


With Spring right around the corner, (literally like two weeks away) and the weather already here-we should start dressing like it.

Spring trends are always most fun because we come up with some of the most absurd beautiful things that are sometimes extra, and all because we want to stay Fashionable. BUT, this simple trend is something catchy and captioning-literally. Caption shirts! a.k.a the new graphic tee.

These simple little eye grabbers can instantly take a grocery store look to street style.

There was time when all I wold wear was cheap little gothic looking graphics from Spencer’s (yes, we all went through that phase.) Then I ‘grew up’ and loathed them, wouldn’t even go neat the section when I was shopping. Even though I never got rid of my classics! Haha.


One thing I love is anything that will look good and keep me comfy at the same time – although most of m outfits are the absolute compete opposite. Lol.

Guys, GO GET YOU A COUPLE OF THESE TEE’S! You can dress them up just as much as you’d dress them down. Jeans, Slacks, Joggers. I would also like to see some of the ways that you guys style your Tee’s b/c I kind of limit myself to a certain look with mine… Lol.


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