Can you believe that we’re damn near into the third month of a brand new year! Talk about time waiting for no man. It may seem bad that I’m not “setting my goals” for this new year until 3 months in, but hey-to each it’s own. There’s a method to my madness and how I do certain things. Who knows, it may even help you get some things done in a new way that’s suitable for you. But I’ll explain that later. We’re here to share our, as they like to call them, New Years resolution.


What do you do when the elevator breaks? You can’t skip the steps, the hustle doesn’t work right.

Frankie Bleau, Bleau Enterprises

1.) Set more achievable goals.

A big problem that I have is dreaming the end result. I see what I want with this big extravagant end result and when I come down from that dream high I’m stuck and confused. Which results in me using America’s favorite line, “I’ll just get started later.” Since I was a little boy, I’ve always wanted to skip the baby steps and try to hop right on the elevator up. It wasn’t until my elevator broke that I realized there were steps to everything that I did and no matter how hard we try, those steps cannot be skipped. Therefor, I started mapping every little detail of what needed to get done to get to what I ultimately desired to get done. Easier said than done, but with focus and perseverance it’ll take no time.

2.) Travel

Now this is one that we can say is ‘cliche’ or very common. But stop and think, have you ever said you wanted to do something that you’ve already done? Didn’t think so. Another common overlook that we do is… not do. Take the necessary steps so that yo can visit some of those dream places that you visualize. It’s not as hard as it seems.


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3.) Experience genuine happiness and satisfaction

I’m not saying that I’m not happy or satisfied with where/ how my life is. I’m not fulfilled, and it’s not always genuine. I psych myself out a lot, and most times about the smallest IMG_1349.JPGthings mostly out of my control. The only way that I can continue to be happy and fulfilled is be that. Let go of things I can’t control, practice clearing my mind of negativity as well as removing the stagnant from around my direct energy. Bridging directly into my next focus….

4.) Change my law of attraction

Law of Attraction is such a serious thing, I can’t even begin to talk about. Now, Laws of Attraction isn’t magic and can’t perform the unrealistic, but you can.. The thoughts that you exude into the atmosphere reflect. I promise. I’m sure there’s been multiple times that you thought about/said something and it actually happened. Whether it be good or bad. Think about it. Change your thoughts, it’ll alter your outlook, which in turn will brighten your perspective, enhancing your life!

5.) Become Full-Time in my career

This is something that is very important to me – fueling a lot of my ungenuine happiness. Nothing in this world is worse than living dead (waking up and feeling horrible about nothing.) Knowing your purpose and not really loving in it is worst than anything in my opinion. Having to constitute to doing something just to get by isn’t genuine happiness – it’s settling. This may come off as a little harsh but it’s the death reality. I truly enjoy helping you guys, teaching, sharing what I know, and learning together with you all. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to provide b/c of it. Which is something that I WILL achieve by this time next year I’m writing to you guys.

So get out there and take whats yours. Do whatever it is that makes you happy without second guessing, ‘Why?’



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