jacket : Fenty by PUMA |

shirt : H & M |

pants : The Black Wolf |

shoes : PUMA |


the beautiful thing about style is making it yours.

You’d think that a line like Fenty by PUMA would never come about, but it’s here! Lol. I’m all about a line for the androgynous dresser. At first even I was a little hesitant of breaking that boundary and letting one of those pieces grace me until, well… I let one of those pieces grace me.




Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM


With it starting to really get warm and me not knowing when I’d get a chance to wear this dynamic piece again, I went with a seasonal mix, literally.. Lol. I have a really nice pair of Boxer Shorts but it really wasn’t a serious look. I mean, I literally looked like I was walking into a ring to get beat up. Lol.

Making pieces, staple pieces at that, work for you just takes a little spunk and dedication. Luckily this wasn’t the most riskay I’ve done, so it wasn’t a very difficult task. But I also had to keep in mind how damn hot it is starting to get, especially here in Houston. Now you’d think that this piece would be a little hot, but it actually caught a good breeze a majority of the time wish made it a little easier to operate. Lol.

To add a little extra edge onto it, I threw it over these beauty of pants with my good old faithful Boxer Pumas. Made for a good trick, and full look might I add. As out there as Staple pieces may be they do require a lot of attention. You want to make it appeal and appear. Let that simmer! Lol.

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