hat : Margiela |

jumpsuit : Stella McCartney |

shoes : Chanel |

bag : Chanel |


I think we all have these lazy days where end up running our errands in some stylish active wear, I mean we are being… active.



You know, for a while I would never wear ‘functional’ clothes. I got so used to barely being able to breathe so that my tailoring would be perfect that once I actually had them on I’d feel weird. Unless of course I’m working out. I’m literally just finishing up a workout and decided to put together a quick little post on how to achieve the perfect Athleisure look.

So the phrase Athleisure comes from a breed between Athletic and Leisure. Neat, right?

Now the key thing to ensuring you don’t really look like you’re literally leaving the gym is not literally just leave the Gym. That only works if you’re working out after you complete your day. You want whatever your after shower look of choice to be direct and effortless. Nowadays you can even make sweatpants into a statement.

I chose this full-body sweatsuit because of how fluent it is. It had a light appeal to it that I really, really liked. Now I must admit, the shoes and bag was planned-but not strategically planned (it was already in my car so I made it work. Lol.) Now here’s the fun part – The Hat. Now I did a post on Wide-Brim hats (click link) and why they’re a must have for all seasons. Here’s a perfect example! I’m wearing it leaving the Gym in mid-Spring! It completely changed the look and it’s appeal. I would almost even plan to wear this look to a good Happy Hour even.

SO – 1.) Make it stylish, and quick. | I mean, you are technically going to be in it for a while if you like AND you’re running errands.

2.) – Keep it simple. | You’re just leaving the gym bro. Not going to the club. You want to see those, ‘Oh, that’s a dope little outfit’ stares.

3.) – Don’t stay in it too long. | It’s not true Fashion, Lol. Get in and get out. I’m joking… sort of. Haha!

Just all in all make sure the look isn’t too planned looking.

Like ‘Hey, girl, I just left the Gym and I’m trine pick you up’ feel me? None of that. Make it effortless and appealing. Like inspiring others to have a nice walking out the Gym look.



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