blazer : Gucci |

pants : Forever21 |

sweater : Vince |

shoes : Zara |

One of the good things that the Hotter seasons offer is is being able to dress more casually!  (yea, corporate people I’ve read the e-mails and this one is for you. Lol) I’ve been getting a lot of different e-mails about how to casually wear a suit and still keep it classic and professional. This is actually one of the easiest things to achieve, easily by mix-matching.

If it looks good, it matches.


Now I’m not saying go and just start grabbing things and throwing together your best Dr. Seuss outfit. No! Take your time and really think. Stop and literally say to yourself, ‘Would this match ______? Or, damn do I really need this?’ & you’d honestly me surprised at what you come up with. Some times when I’m shopping, sometimes equaling about %99.7 of the time I start out with a arm full of bullshit and it isn’t until my elbow starts screaming from carrying everything do I really go into Need Vs. Want Mode.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM.png

You keep your look casual by doing just exactly that.

For example Tennis Shoes in the workplace is so ‘unorthodox’ let alone a pair with a platform on it! Lol. & yes, even for me same rule sometimes apply. I’d arrive to a client meeting with some out of line irregular corporate outfit on and instantly go into this ‘Excuse me what are you wearing slash Bitch I’m styling’ death stare for about 1.5 minutes until we actually even speak or shake hands. Lol. Yea, I find it just as fucking odd..



Anywho, light sweater, linen suits, sneakers or anything that catches air well and isn’t hot as demon balls are all good ways to make a pop. They have very nice casual pairs of sneakers that’ll not put you in those eye conversations with people and actually look really well with a nice hem over them. Also another key you may notice is my suit isn’t necessarily a suit. It’s a low satin blazer that for the first time ever I paired with a pair of pants the exact color. See?! EASY! Throw it on with a good tee (or light sweater in this case) and you’re ready for a half-battle.

Make it fun, for fuck sakes…

I mean it is Friday!



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