Hey Guys!

Summer is officially here and I want to share a ‘Summer Series’ with you guys about this city that I’ve fell in love with so much – good ‘ole Houston, TX. I’m doing this series in a StayCation type of vibe. You know, like saying in my city but on a vacay away from home type of thing. You know? Lol.


Located in the core of the sincere City Centre, Hotel Sorella stands tall with a glaze over the West area of Houston.

Let me start off by saying how insanely relaxing this little weekend getaway is. VERY! Lol. Much needed and I am EXTREMELY thankful to be granted the opportunity to occupy this establishment. When I checked in I was already drawn in by the aged decor, and stained wallpapers through out the hotel. When I finally touched to the floor of my room, I was beyond wowed.


This was literally one of those units that you could live in forever, and ever, and ever… I mean, would they really notice if you’re there? Lol. The environment of my weekend home was very welcoming. I walked in with almost too much space for myself. I immediately kicked off my shoes and took about a hour nap on this luscious couch. There’s a full kitchen and laundry room (with a very appetizing fridge selection to say the least) and the gas stove! I. Love. Gas. Stoves! Lol.

& the outside balcony!


the view (featured image above) was breathtaking! They offer a variety of different views across the building, but I feel mine was just perfect. Mainly because of my love for a good scenic view. Specifically trees, and the interstate crossing I’d had been dying to get a good picture of anyway. Lol.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM

Once I finally got past my excitement for of the balcony, things really began to get real.

Now, anything can capture my soul as long as there’s a good bed in very close proximity and, yea.. this had it all. The rooms design is very well put together. Placement for everything was extremely prime and well thought out. The bathroom had an insane bathtub! Like, literally, the bathtub was a mini swimming pool that could give their actual swimming pool a good run for their own money. Lol. The robes were plush and very comfortable to the touch.


The hotel even has a good nightlife that can’t be touched in the area, The MonaLisa. Yes, it does live up to every bit of it’s name! Now I just walked down to take a peak but didn’t really indulge because I wasn’t feeling really well, (or maybe just an excuse to get my lazy ass in this bed! Haha!)

ABOUT City Centre:

They have an assortment of restaurants and up to par entertainment.

There’s Season 52, Cyclone Anaya’s and Sweet Paris Cafe (one of the BEST brunch in this little town like area.) Also Studio Movie Grill, a place I probably go to 80 times a week is really good as well. They offer current movie selections and dining. Feel free to research them and see what they have to offer.

Once I woke up the next morning I made myself a mimosa and headed downstairs to the FREE breakfast station in the Lobby area. Yes, FREE! I couldn’t believe it either man! I was floored! And it wasn’t the Motel 6 type of breakfast! IT WAS PLUSH BABY! Fresh Fruits, assorted yogurts and granola, I mean the entire 9!


After brunch was the fun!

I went back up to the room and relaxed a bit, and decided to try to go down before it got a little crazy, but it seems like everybody got the memo before me! It was a full fledged get down around the pool and 11 AM! I was so shocked but didn’t hesitate at all! I went right to the bar and ordered the best part of the stay! MY POPTAILS!


So the Poptails are these neat little cocktails with a spin! So they make these Cocktails with a popsicle flavor inside to compliment! So I had a cosmo flavored POPtail and the sangria flavored one! Talk about chilling! Once the party kind of died down, I realized I was nearing my check-out time so I literally had to run, shower, pack and shave to check out in time!

Overall, I had an AMAZING experience w| Hotel Sorella! The customer service was amazing, Valet was courteous and expeditious, and you can not beat the atmosphere and decor offered here! The surrounding environment is very accommodating! Literally a million and one eateries and also very family oriented! Definitely Frankie approved!

Thank you a million times over to the Hotel Sorella City Centre family! Can’t wait to do it again!

IMG_5233 copy.JPG


Click the video below to see the full tour of the room!

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