Before y’all get to hooting and hoorah’ing about ‘Oh All Lives Matter, or, oh you’re so racist, or whatever the case maybe, THAT’S NOT THE FUCKING CASE! I’m simply doing a post about how inspired I am by people that look like me.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM

Now understand something, I’m currently sitting here with ‘4:44’ playing in my headphones and watching ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’




It’s truly been a fantastic week for The Culture. On June 25th, Puff Daddy dropped his highly anticipated life documentary of the Royal Bad Boy empire.

Honestly, this film, is something that deserved to be in box offices. Without the shadow of a doubt. the magnitude of realism and vulnerability Sean displayed in this project is something that we all needed. This film made it real, made the dream real, made HIM real, made it all really, real. We hear all these rumors of how serious Diddy is, how crude of a business man he is – and you know something? It’s unapologetically true.

Let me ask you something?

Here’s a scenario: Your family isn’t that fortunate to be able to give you royal lunch money for cookies and ice cream, barely to even eat, right? So you’re sitting around at school and gazing at all the children around you frolicking and enjoying all their treats. So you brainstorm of things that easy to do, and come up with a Lemonade stand.. so you scrape up about 5-7 dollars that you saved from not eating lunch a couple days and start this lemonade stand…. get you a couple of Kool-Aid packs and sugar and start your new ‘business venture’. Now let’s fast forward you bringing home ice cream sandwiches in cookies because you’re now swimming in ten dollar bills, right? So things progress and you discover you actually enjoy this shit, and take it a tad more serious. 7 years late and here you are with this lemonade shop. requiring you to staff, keep inventory, etc.. all this to take care you and your family, right? You’ve been at this since you were a child, and now it’s your whole life invested into this? Now are you going to let anything, AND I MEAN ANYTHING, come in the way of you taking care of your family? Fuck no right? So call it what you want, but roadkill don’t live once it gets in the way.



The Jigga-Man released his 13th studio album, 4:44. From an artist myself, I understand exactly where this position came from. As a public image, the most idolized at that, there’s absolutely nothing you can do. Your privacy becomes public, and your public becomes media. You want to do everything possible in your power to still appeal to everything and everybody. You never want to lose support, and you want to always have the proper approval. But at one point, you just say fuck it.

IMG_8993.JPG& this is that For Mr. Carter.

At one point you just get fed up, you just want to make sure everybody remembers who the fuck you really are all while reminding them, ‘I’m still here for you’. There’s a lot of excess commentary about the ‘dissing’ and so forth, but it’s only perception. None of us know these situations or characters involved personally so granted we can only go by what they tell us, but also theirs lines with writing between. I sense pain, anger, sympathy, sadness, all ending with relief for this album. & whether or not that was the message, that’s what I drew from it. ‘Family Feud’ is the song that everyone DESERVES to listen to. It’s explains everything regarding #BlackCulture, EVERYTHING!



I’ve been up for the 27 hours re-watching and re-listening to both of the conglomerates and I haven’t been this fulfilled in a while. To see things like this from such prodigies, and they’re my brothas it’s amazing to me! I’m truly inspired, and that’s not something easy to instill in me. Inspiration isn’t a feeling, to me.. It’s an action.. Anybody can feel inspired, anybody can say they learned something, but how are you acting on it?

Gentlemen, Thank You. I’ll be joining soon enough.




SideNote: Both are only available via subscription, so.. go fucking subscribe 🙂

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop


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