hat : All-Saints |

silk robe : Wal-Mart |

tank : D.I.Y. |

jeans : The Black Wolf |

shoes : ZARA |

Now, this is something that you can really benefit from. Its one of those things that you just unknowingly do and when it’s done you sit back and be like, ‘Damn, I got my pajamas on. Lol.’ Yeah, thats what I did. Bed Style is real. Lol, forreal real.

I figured since it’s the 4th, it’s the perfect day to talk about style starting from the bed. Now with Bed Style you really have to just honestly be stylish and not really care, but you have to also want to make it look good. This Satin Robe was a set that I got from Wal-Mart that I originally planned to do a DIY with. Bra, FROM WAL-MART! Lol. I was so shocked! & when I got wind of these jeans from The Black Wolf that I’ve been literally dying about, it was a perfect match. The satin literally lays perfectly over each other and not to mention the magnificent sparkles on these jeans.



This kind of style isn’t something that you can master, because it doesn’t take that much skill – or any at all for that matter. You can honestly do whatever you want. but don’t make it look so pajama’ish. As hot as it is, you’d think I’d be wearing shorts.. but it went from luxury stay-at-home dad to Elementary School summers out X-box player that hadn’t taken a bath since school let out. Lol! Shoes are just as important.. Sandals or Flip-Flops made the same look as shorts did. It look very loungy. Luckily for me everything I put on was already laying out in the middle of my floor. Lol, so I just threw on and went and it pulled itself together. I would take some time to talk about these shoes, but I’ll do it on another post because I mean, it is 4th of July! Go enjoy some barbecue and show everybody how you’re having a ball with you PJ’s on. Lol.


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