Breakfast for me isn’t the most important meal of the day for me because 7 times out of 10 I’m always jumping right up and immediately getting my day started.When I do get a chance to eat breakfast, I like to try to keep it as healthy, yet tasty, as possible. This morning I’m getting my day started pretty early and decided that I wanted to take it back to one of my childhood favorites – OATMEAL!

Oatmeal is a very healthy and regulating addition to your morning diet. As a child I would want to eat oatmeal wayyy too much and most especially when I discovered that you could put sugar in it. Lol! I soon learned that although very good to me, totally defeated the health factor in eating Oatmeal.

(don’t judge me, I’m still learning)

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This morning I decided to take on that no sugar piece that my mom would try to literally drill into my head (well, not as much sugar). I used barely a spoonful of brown sugar with my oatmeal this morning, paired it with fresh brown scrambled eggs (with a dash of pepper) home-made blueberry muffin and a few strawberries to finish it off. A high-fiber, protein fueled, nutritious and light breakfast. & I promise, it does taste as good as the picture looks. Lol.


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