shirt : H&M |

pants : Balmain |

shoes : Helmut Lang |

hat : Urban Outfitters |

glasses : Versace |

Street Style is probably my most glorified style to dress! Mainly because of how fun and easily executable it is. I mean seriously. It’s literally a 3 -step process if you really look at it. A Shirt, pair of pants, and a good pair of shoes and you’ve literally just created a masterpiece. Although you can take it a step-up, it’s not required. You have some effortless street-style, and then you have some top-dead fly ass street style!



You want you’re style to be subtle, but very hard.

What I mean is that you need to really make a statement, especially with Summer Street Style. I think I tell you guys this EVERY post is how much I’m sweating when I’m shooting. Lol. It’s no joke. I really have to have wipe rags in almost every angle I’m turning or I will drown in my own sweat. Lol. Literally. So imagine walking around, running errands, doing daily life things and you have sweat stains all over because of all the excess you have. Not a good look..


make it a moment.

When I do my Street Style, regardless of the season, I don’t really accessorize with accessories. Like to take a chance and push the barriers with everything. For example: I learned a long time ago that anything matches as long as it looks good. Now that doesn’t mean just run around rampid attempting to jus throw things together. The funny thing is, you can actually do that – as long as it looks good. Street Style is so fluid and inevitable that there’s no rules! Although its very minimal, it’s easy to grab all eyes.


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