tank : Hanes |

scarf: H&M |

sunglasses: Cartier |

jeans: Dolce & Gabbana |

shoes : Zara |


First off, let me apologize for my absence 😦 I’ve been working on a variety of different things content wise. Nonetheless, we’ll be back full force.

It’s Monday, ending of August and I’m sure the sun is beaming like cayenne pepper. I would think that because we’re gearing up towards Fall, that it would start to cool off – but uh uh. It seems like things are heating up even more. SO.. that calls for more skin being out. If you’re anything like me, I want to look as luxe as possible, but at the same time comfortable. I love tank tops, but there’s nothing more comfortable than a Wife Beater.

| tank : Hanes

| jacket: Zara

| shoes : Zara

| jeans : theblackwolfnyc.com



Both looks were literally the most effortless thing I’ve ever came up with!

I mean seriously, I hopped right out of the bed and into my day (somewhat)! The key to styling the wife beater is finding another focal point. Mine per say is the bottoms. A nice pair of jeans will make anything look rich. You do have to think outside the box though. You’re used to seeing the drug dealers in those gangsta movies wearing wife beaters  (I can say that, I wouldn’t suggest it repeated) Lol. Anyway, the D&G jeans and scarf was the perfect pairing. Light, flowy and a tad extra. Although easily summer ready.

Now, the second look is for those breezy heat days. Now if you know anything, you know a good biker jacket thrown over top of any outfit will make it pop. I don’t care what anyone says, these Star Jeans from The Black Wolf need to be an investment for everyone! They’re comfortable and make ANYTHING look good.. honestly. Finish the tank with some unique or even just your favorite pair of denim good pair of sneaks, and be amazed at how everything will turn out.


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