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Jeans are somewhat unthinkable – especially the further South you live. But there is definitely a key to staying cool when you want to wear your favorite pair of jeans. Denim is just that staple you’re going to wear any moment that you can. Summer and Spring both offers days that aren’t always gruesomely hot. But just incase you actually do want to wear jeans there’s a couple of ways that you can get it done – DRY!

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First things first, on the hotter days you always want to wear an undershirt (wife beater or regular T-shirt) under the shirt that you plan on wearing for the day. Mainly because you never know when that heat wave is going to hit and you’ll be amazed at how much embarrassment it’ll save you from keeping the sweat stains away from the Public.

The main way that I wear jeans is with a Tank-Top. Now I talked about having a Tank-Top as a Essential Summer piece so you should have one by now – but if not GET IT, stat! When wearing a tank top I like mine a little baggy. Not only does it give a dope look, but it gives you room to move around and and doesn’t smush you and immediately create those wet spots if you start to sweat. There’s a couple of different styles of tanks so you can pick which style makes you most comfortable.

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I like to look at Flip Flops like an accessory because they honestly finish the look.

I’ve honestly never been the type to wear Sandal (I ran track all my life as a kid, and well – yea, lol) so I keep them as covered as possible. Though there are a couple that give my feet the coverage and breathing room that I like to have. Lol. but there’s a trick to wearing jeans and flip flops. Sandals have this tendency to trick you and make you look at it differently when you get home. For example, the Sandals I’m wearing currently can reflect a million different colors especially with the swarovski lining against the bottom hem it gives a very unique effect – so you want to be careful. Even if it’s regular colored denim it can reflect a certain ambience and totally change your outfit. I like to look at Flip Flops like an accessory because they honestly finish the look. And we know – with a a look in the summer you have to be twice as stylish.




Oh one last little thing, style the tank top for your chest – not your arms unless your just super chiseled. The neckline of your tank top will honestly form everything else. Like I look super tone. I’m not. Lol. It’s honestly just the shadows and the neckline and muscle style of the Tank – although I have been hitting the Gym heavy. Lol. Follow the journey @FrankieBleau!


One thought on “ how to wear jeans in the Summer Time ”

  1. Great post! Being from Texas I don’t ever see jeans during summer (unless we’re talking about denim shorts). I love the sunglasses in this look.


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