shirt : Zara |

fanny : Prada |

jeans : The Black Wolf |

shoes : YSL |

watch : Cosmograph Daytona Rolex |


Okay, so yes this look is probably like 4/5 steps but it doesn’t really matter. Lol.

I am so all about a quick and easy look, especially when it looks as good as you planned it out in your head. I believe I’ve done a post like this before, so lets just say this is the updated version. haha. So beginning, you want to always make sure you have a focal point. For me today I wanted it to be this Prada fanny that I ordered and wanted it to make it’s debut for NYFW, but FedEx had other plans for me *face palm*, so I chose that as a focal point.




So it’s really simple:

Step 1 | Pick out your shirt.

Keep in mind your focal point. Mine being the fanny pack so I wanted a simple, dope style shirt. This shirt was 7.99 at Zara and I had been dying to wear it. The length of the shirt actually makes it alot more versatile than you’d think. Now while we’re still up top, the bandana I look at as apart of the shirt deal. Like an accessory to the shirt.

Step 2: Find the perfect pair of pants.

This is probably going to be harder than anything else. In my case, I had to find a pair of pants that mainly complimented the shirt and not took away or even added to much. So the trick to it all is to ensure that it flows with your focal piece more than anything. That way if you took away the shirt, the pants and fanny (focal piece) would match at any given look.

and finally, Step 3 is the shoes.

You wanna make sure the shoes complete and pull together the entire look. A good boot will make anything look fantastic. Chelsea, Biker, Riding, any of those boots specifically not only look good but also are great transitional pieces into the next Season.


Now about this fanny because it is fire af! Lol. When I bought it I really didn’t realize how large it was, but it’s perfect in size. Now we all know that I can’t just let anything be so I felt like it needed a little more oomph, so I added these feathers onto the zippers and it created this immaculate modernization to this already classic gem.

See, I told you it’s as simple as 1,2,3.. Find something you like and build around it. I think that’s the rule of thumb for all of my tactics. Lol.


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