shirt : H&M |

pants : Oscar De La Renta |

bag : Off – White |

scarf : H&M |

shoes : The Black Wolf |


So.. please excuse me, I’m a little bit on edge because Nicki just released her two new singles and ‘ Chun Li ‘ has me on a BEAM!

Anyway, let’s chat about Spring (Or late Winter how backwards this weather has been around the world.) – but head scarfs is today’s focus. Now this Turban style wrap for a scarf is extremely easy, and definitely not new, but like anything good it comes and goes – and then has to make a come back again.



The best thing when it comes to accessories or dressing up or down a staple is the ability to understand that less is more. For example with this look, the only thing that I wanted was for the scarf to do all the talking. These plaid pants are apart of suit that I adore, but is probably the most minimal, yet loud, piece that I own – offering and extreme amount of versatility for any outfit. Especially when paired with an exact plaid bag

When I received these dope shoes from The Black Wolf, I nearly lost it! Not only because they are fire af, literally red and beautiful – but because I honestly had no clue what to wear with them so sadly they sat in the closet for a bit right next to this scarf. And then boom! I was trying to get an outfit together today and they both just married each other.



It’s actually pretty easy to tie as well.

I could do a quick tutorial on it for you guys if needed, but when it comes styling it just match it with another staple – but keep it minimal. The shoes are the perfect example. They match the scarf perfectly. I didn’t want to wear jeans, would be too typical, and I also wanted a more classy day look. A street-style business look. Throw in the slacks, cow neck tee with splash of chest hair and we have a winner! Lol. Remember, just the let the focal point do the talking for you, and because it’s on our head – the rest will just flow.


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