short set : H&M |

tank : H&M |

shades : The Black Wolf |

shoes & bag : Custom The Black Wolf |


The Summer season definitely has that love/hate effect on just about everyone in this world, especially us that like to dress. Lately I’ve been really into these platform sneakers and really starting to believe that they’re more than a trend – but for a while I never knew what to wear with them.

The key to styling platforms is recognizing there’s no in between.


When you’re styling a staple or a piece that is considered ‘out there’ there is no medium. Either dress it all the way up and let the entire outfit speak OR dress it down and let the piece do the talking. The same would be considered for a platform. For the Summer, I decided to kinda dress it up. The matching set is one of those things that are becoming very popular and quite honestly, very stylish and easy. When I saw this matching PJ set it was immediate that I had to buy it.

The canary yellow color, and also that it’s cheetah print, was an easy win to pair with these sneakers. It honestly would’ve been easier to just throw on a pair of jeans and a tee, but I wanted a little more. Not only was this set hot as hell, but it was actually comfortable and I barely sweat. Lol.





Lately I’ve been accessorizing but not with jewelry (that’s coming soon) more so the sunglasses, a couple of rings, and falling extremely victim to this side-bag trend. So a good pair of shorts, a tank top, or even a nice button down if you want to take it up an extra notch. Shorts are going to be your best friend when it comes to wearing them with a platform. A platform will make you appear taller, so you don’t want to take away that extra pump with wearing anything other than a short. It’ll show off the show and even give you an extra pump of confidence.


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