blazer : The Black Wolf

shirt : H&M

pants : The Black Wolf (similar)

shoes : Zara

The one thing that I always do, and don’t feel bad about most times, is spend a bunch of money on clothes. Lol. BUT, to my defense I always buy classic pieces. The downside though is I don’t really get the staple end of the classic – I get the statement part and they’re always the pieces that I want to wear a million times over again. Just os happens that I’m the last victim to this Pre-Fall Flame blazer from The Black Wolf – and honestly I’ve worn it like 4 times since I shot this look.

IMG_0562 copy.jpg

IMG_05431 copy

IMG_0641 copy.jpg

For sometime anytime I see ” pre ” anything before something, especially some good threads, I get crazy because I mean who doesn’t want to be the first with something? Exactly.. Flames are definitely trending this season and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon so when my favorite brand put it on display in a unique way – well, you have to wear it a million times. You might remember the first time I wore it was in the this seasons Summer LKBK (and yes I was extremely hot, but looked even hotter. Lol)

Of course this ties into that more statement end of classic so as much as I want to wear it, I don’t want it to be repetitive. Today I wore it with a pair of these cross-cut tuxedo pants that were some of the originals from The Black Wolf (also I was one of the first to have them too. Hehe).



IMG_0619 copy.jpg
hand painted, the cropped Flame Blazer bodies a custom Swarovski lined collar.

So.. my two keys to re-wearing is re-inventing and re-pairing.

Re-inventing is taking the piece and wearing it in a completely unexpected and different way each time. For example: If I would’ve color blocked this Blazer, it would be a brand new way of inventing the outfit. Although it would definitely be a challenge the style reward would be worth it. Play around with your pieces, you’ll be surprised what you can come up with.

IMG_0545 copy.jpg

Re-pairing is honestly my method of choice though, as displayed. This is for those of us that have alot more statement pieces than anything. And what better way to re-wear than re-pair. Exactly! Pairing some of your favorite statement pieces with each other is an easy way to not only create a new outfit, but wear two pieces that you adore more than once. Two birds, One stone.

IMG_0560 copy.jpg


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