shades : The Black Wolf |

flannel : Zara |

shorts : H & M |

boots : Louis Vuitton|


Even though the heat is nearing an end, we’re still here burning up. The light is at the end of the tunnel and trust me when I say it’s going to be good. Autumn is one of the best seasons and no matter how hard we try to not inch in the Fall pieces, it happens to the best of us 82 percent of the time. Lol. One thing that I can never get over wearing when it’s hot is either jeans, or boots!

Todays post is probably one of the most backwards outfits I’ve ever worn, but my excuse is Fall is coming soon and I’m sticking to it. Lol.



The key thing in wearing a season in a different season is to make it as functional as possible.

So when you think about the Summer, you want to stay cool. Although those ending weeks when the Season is calming down and getting ready for transition – the weather starts to look up for creating you perfect outfit, but in the meantime you have to make it work as best possible. For example, I’ve really wanted to wear these Desert Boots, but the Desert weather always has other plans for me. So I paired it with these cutoff shorts and my new favorite flannel.





I know, you think this flannel is extremely hot, but honestly it’s the complete opposite. You guys know I’m a big time sweater – and didn’t bust not a line of liquid on my face – and the sun was beaming (well, just a little bit lol.)

So the best way to make sure that you don”t sweat out some of your favorite pieces focus on the functionality of it. So if you’re wanting to wear jeans wear it with a good tank top or short sleeve shirt and a good pair of sandals. Easy logic, and you get to showcase a variety of different trends from your favorite season.


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