IMG_0810 copyjacket: celine | jeans: givenchy | shoes: rick owens

A lot of times we find ourselves succumbed to a standard, rather than just doing it – and doing so at a rate where we somewhat create and become our own standard. When I initially started ‘A Millennial 20 Something’ 3.5 years ago I had this intention of becoming this modern gay Carrie Bradshaw to save the world of my fellow 20 somethings and let us all know not only are we alone, but we’re in this together. I haven’t written in that section since then. While I still aim to be adjacent in having my own column with the same goals…..

I’ve learned that it’s okay to do things at a rate comfortable for me. it’s never too fucking late.

When you think to do things you automatically place it in an order, or standard fashion, things are ‘supposed’ to be done – and if we don’t get them done in that manner we ‘try it again tomorrow.’ Letting a whole day go by rather than just getting started. I noticed myself doing this a lot lately over the past month until day. I was meaning to write this blog yesterday so that I have it early to share and post on Socials before it got ‘too late’ until I really just stopped and asked myself – What even is too late?

Then, I decided to go ahead and still get the work done as if it was earlier in the day as I had planned. At that moment, I truly felt empowered. As if I had actually made a decision for myself by myself. In reality some of us aren’t making decisions on our own without second thought or influence from an outside opinion. Although a different perspective may be valid, it’s not always necessary because it’s up to you to cross the finish line, regardless of when it’s get done – GET IT THE FUCK DONE.

In retrospect, I thought that I had taken a break from curating and doing the original thing that made me fall in love with life and this digital world – yet it was the complete opposite. I’ve amassed a wide ranged portfolio, became an official published fashion stylist (3+ times), traveled to some of the most divine places in the world, amongst many other things and most importantly brushed up on my skills – and now, coming back home to you guys. I have so many things to share, thinking that it’ll be too late because I hadn’t posted in real time BUT y’all asses wasn’t there – so it’s real time for YOU, lol!


Saying all this to say, do it now – and do it you way!


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