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Listen, 2020 was one of those years that we couldn’t help but figure out a way to get through it in one complete piece. The one thing that I did learn, or practice rather, was ways to remain calm. A rather simple task is something that is one thing that is easier said than done. Lately I’ve been learning to take the imperfections of life with a grain of salt and keep it playa.

One of the keys to staying calm, or even pushing forward, is having something to look forward too. The hack goes the same as goals. When you want something accomplished you set a timeline and/end date to get the goal accomplished and create a sort of reward to have to look forward to at the end of the yellow brick road.


Below are three ways I’ve found help me remain calm.

1.) Light A Candle – 

Like I said, creating something for you to look forward to at the end of a long moment. One of the most common ways people relax, lighting a candle offers more than just a fantastic smelling area. Scents are one of the main curators of good energy. It creates a natural aroma of energy while creating a moment to be able to take a breathe while relaxing. The scent can trigger certain stimulants that can induce relaxing. This scent specifically creates a soothing agent to relax and please. With Vanilla being a popular scent, it definitely creates an atmosphere of pure relaxation.

2.) Bath Bomb / Soothing Bars –   

Taking a warm bath is one thing, but adding a couple of accessories takes it to an entire different level. Bath bombs have be come a popular way to add a little fun to your wash-up time. Now they’ve become so intense that they’re now created with many different minerals, oils, and glitter that create relaxing moments for you to dwell in. Water is a mental relief in many different ways so making it fun is another way to relax. Also dimming the lights and lighting a candle is definitely a way to create the ultimate relaxation office.

Aroma Therapy Diffuser –

Aromatherapy is quite literally exactly what it sounds like. Scents may just be the number one way to create a relaxing environment as it is truly an impeccable stimulant. Aromatherapy provides an aroma by pumping scented mist throughout its surrounding areas. Lavender and Vanilla are two of the most popular scents people tend to gravitate too as they both offer calming agents that often help in putting you to sleep. 

The modern diffusers are so unique these days they come with additives like like shows, sounds, and some even massagers to really assist in reaching the ultimate climax of relaxation.


I’m sure that a couple of these you’ve probably heard of, or even already doing, but you want to make sure that you maintain some sort of regimen and try a new thing. Picking up a hobby or even honing into something that you enjoy doing can create a moment of sensational *cue Future voice* relaxation. Simply, create something for yourself to look forward too.

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