Ever felt so in-place, so inspired, SO ALIVE! Just entirely fulfilled and happy with no sense of the world around you?

Welcome to New York City. The literal, concrete jungle where dreams of made of. I’ve been to NYC before, but never on such an occasion. This was my first time experiencing #NYFW & just the true culture of the city. If you’ve never been to NY before, then you know exactly what I’m talking about-If not, well, you’re somewhat in for a treat. One of the goals that I set for myself of 2017 was do everything that said I would do. And most of those things included traveling to my wildest dreams.

I decided to get there a day early before I had to work to take a somewhat “vacation.” I landed early Thursday morning, but did absolutely nothing but take a nap, go to the bar in my hotel, and did a little sight seeing before.


Now, New York around this time without snow i just simply not New York.

Flights were delayed all around the world flying in from everywhere because of the ugly weather. Here’s a hint *Fly into Jersey, travel to the city would be about the same price from LGA or JFK dependent upon traffic*.

New York is every artist’s living dream. The aesthetic, the inspiration, the lights, the buildings, the everything that it has to offer is insane! Even taking the Subway was a thrill for me. Lol. I can’t express how excited I was when I finally figured out how to get all around the city behind a simple swipe. Now I was a little disappointed to find out that there weren’t any funny jazz players sitting around that I could pop a couple dollars into, but I made do with the long underground walks to get to the next train. Ha!

But no seriously, whether you can or can’t afford a private driver I advise everyone to catch an express on the MTA a time or two. The culture is, well… self explanatory. Besides who doesn’t enjoy seeing the driver poke their head out to make sure no lawsuits are being filed by anybody (stay behind the yellow line folks).


Day One

Friday is when the fun came! My team had finally landed and it was time to work. Lol. Friday began easy breezy, got dressed, had some breakfast, and headed to the venue for The Shows. It was all fun until Skylight decided to put the wrong top flight security at he front of, not knowing who I was making me miss not one, but TWO of my seats for shows. Pissed? Yea, and extreme understatement.

So we took the day of somewhat, and decided to  do a bus tour around the city. Now, it was very much so freezing cold, BUT  it was worth it. We went from Chinatown to almost everywhere else New York has to offer. We really kind of wasted our money on the package we bought because we got off and didn’t realize the tour stopped at 5:30, so by the time we realized we were drunk it was about 4:35, and we found ourselves running to the bus stop, to only wait another 30 minutes. Which I didn’t complain b/c i was PICTURE TIME! Lol.


jacket : my Grandma Ruth |

shirt : Custom The Black Wolf |

pants : All Saints |

shoes : ALDO |

bag : Celiné |



First, let me clarify- Grandma Ruth isn’t a brand, it’s my granny. Lol.

When I say Fashion has been in my family since before I was even thought about, I mean that.

Next I know you’re probably crushing about this baby Great Dane (who is only like 3 months) not to mention is in a full look-shoes included. Lol. I was so taken aback at his growth and also how stylish he was. I mean really, the body suit really brought out his eyes. But this look is a big ‘out there’ as my mom called it. But like I told her and everybody else ‘IT’S FASHION WEEK’. Luckily everything is the norm and nothing is out of the ordinary in The City, so it wasn’t like I was having any weird stare downs with anybody.

any who, I ended Day 2 in a Hookah lounge drunk again. Lol.


Day Two

Now Saturday started a little different. No breakfast, overslept (my first show wasn’t until 8 pm too), and had to rush to get ready, not to mention my driver got into a fender bender igniting my inner drama and well… yea.

So, happy go lucky Top Flight Security was at the door again, but this time ohhh did I have a trick for him. So we walked right on in, and began to set up for the show.


jacket : The Black Wolf |

shirt : H&M |

pants : ZARA |

shoes : ALDO |

This look was by far one of my favorites. Mainly because of two reasons, my sister styled me. & 2, the quote that came behind this look. I was literally FT’ing my sister every night for a week up until I left at 2 & 3 AM about my looks. & this one in particular I called her and I was describing it to her and was like ‘Sis, omg it may be a tad much’

she says,”Frankie, it’s fucking Fashion Week.”

& Bloop. Lol. This look was literally blogged and posted everywhere and here I was about to put it on the cutting floor. Pshh!

The occasion was Francesca Liberatore.





Day Three

Probably the most hectic day of them all. Mainly because I had to re-shoot like literally, every look from each day. Talk about prioritizing and being tired. & I was front row at most of the shows, so I couldn’t even take a quick nap of I wanted to. Lol. Not that I wanted to.img_0461

jacket : Overland |

shirt : Acne Studios |

pants : The Black Wolf |

shoes : Louis Vuitton |

IMG_0322 copy.jpg

The Occasion was Leanner Marshall.



Now this, this was my favorite show and favorite look of this #NYFW. The Deep plunge’s, low flows of Satin, and intricate lace reminded me of Adriana Lima running through a field of Sunflowers with a purple sunset behind. Aghhh!

Day Four

Although my work was finished, I couldn’t leave yet. Wanna take a wild guess?

Yup, good old delays. I guess N.Y. just had to sock it to me one way or another. SO when all else fails, take some pictures in the moment. Lol. I’m kinda glad that I didn’t leave when I was scheduled because I wouldn’t get to see some of the Bloggers tourist attractions.




jacket : Maison Margiela |

shirt : VINCE |

jacket : S. Ferragamo |

jeans : ZARA |

shoes : ZARA |

bag : Celiné |

I must say, New York definitely showed me a new good time. Between running after trains, arguing with security, back stage wot the designers, and frolicking the best Fashion Insiders. I gained and shared so much with everyone that I met and chatted with….


until next time …


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