hat : Margiela |

shirt : The Black Wolf |

As Spring is coming full circle, and we’re somewhat waving goodbye to Winter Layering *cue tear drop*, it’s time to wheel in the fun stuff. ACCESORIES! The one fun thing about Spring is all the different styles of accessories and ways that you can keep an outfit interesting.

The key between Winter & Spring styles is the difference in dependance that each offer.

For example: In Winter we depend on layering and fashionable coats as for Spring we have to accessorize and put a tad more effort into the Look.

IMG_9900.JPGYou’d probably literally think that his hat is something out of the Wild, Wild, West – but it isn’t. Although it’s very similar, it doesn’t mainly stem from that.

What I love the most about the Wide Brim is the evolution.

 I just look at it like a more Fashion forward fedora. As my aesthetic changes, everything else follows. I’m tending to get a little more quiet with the dramatics of my outfits. Lol. Meaning I’m just adding more focal pieces so it doesn’t seem like too much. & on top of it all, a wide brim really brings out your outfit.

The Wide Brim offers a base with different styles, colors, and brands. Each to fit a price point you’d be comfortable with.

Now, lets take these beauties away from only a day at the beach and give them some shine! Lol.


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