Happy Easter !

With good Friday AND Easter just about over, it’s due time for a little wine, dine, and relaxation.

Now gentleman I know the first thing we think of to ‘relax’ is a little more explicit than what I’m sharing with you right now, but this will definitely do. So there’s this beautiful little organic shop called LUSH!

They literally sell ONLY Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

Anything that you can think of they sell. Soaps, Bodywashes, different things of all different scents. Everytime I go in there to spend my entire life earnings I smell a different perspective on how dirty my life is. Lol! Anyway…


 DISCLAIMER: I’m not getting paid to boast about this product! This is some real shit I’m about to lay down! Lol.

So I’ve been hearing so many different raves about these little things called ‘Bath Bombs’ for a little over a month now. Seeing them on display repetitively over the times that I’d be in there, I finally decided to pick one up a couple of days ago. You know, just to see if the hype was worth it.



There’s about a gajillion different types of Bath Bombs all over the place, but you’re not going to get any more organic, and not to mention VEGAN – than these.

The Bomb that I used is called AVOBATH.

The focus point of this bath is for energy. Which explains the burst of sunshine and relaxation that I felt come time I stepped my first toe out of the bath tub. It embodies a variety of fresh ingredients induced to calm, moisturize, and enhance your scent of appeal leaving a lasting impression of energetic relaxation. I know, spokesperson much? I was just in so much awe, especially all of the natural NON-PET tested substances used.

Literally, what happens is you drop your bathbomb of choice into a 1/4 full tub of water. Right where your water pump meets the bath water you just kurplunk the big ass ball right there. As the water hits the ball, it’ll fizz and break down, putting all those body enhancing agents will sparkle into the water. Like, literally. I was just fooling around taking pictures for my IG stories, and noticed that there was glitter in the water!! I was literally, flabbergasted!


To make it a little more relaxing, I mixed in a little lavender bubble bath. Being that I have Jets in my tub, it made the bubble drama EXTREMELY real! Lol. Bubble bath isn’t required for you to still smooth/hydrate your skin, just makes it more fun.

Again, this isn’t a sponsored post at all, I just really wanted to share with you gentleman how seriously amazing this product is.

Being that I couldn’t really give you a visual visual of how dope the bath was, click the video below to really see what I mean…


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