Traveling is such a good thing to look forward to. The different weather, varied cultures, food, and just a plain old good vacation! But… on the flip side, you have the not so fun part – Packing. So I wanted to put together this quick little post on how to prepare these important things.

I think the most important piece of luggage to carry with you is you carry-on and personal item. I always look at them both as your ‘just incase’ pieces. We all know how stressful it could be when your luggage gets lost, or in other words… ‘misplaced’. Which is why I’m here to make sure that just incase moment is well taken care of .

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM



I always pack PJ’s, a comfortable track suit, another tour day outfit, and some under garments. This gives you enough lee way for a  day or two until you’re luggage is located. You want to make sure that you ALWAYS keep fresh underwear and T-Shirts more than anything.


I found a decent male version of a make-up bag to put these essentials in and it’s actually pretty efficient. I keep my facial moisturizer, cleaning alcohol, hair conditioners, brushes, and my wave cap. That way you’re not forced to always use the Hotel’s supplies while you wait. Also if you can, fit the appropriate size washing (body wash, shampoo, soap) liquids in your carry-on.


This is probably something better suited for your personal bag like your laptop, tablet, etc- but I keep my camera, tri-pod, and chargers in my carry-on as well. It’s easy to access and readily available.

You want to keep your electronics and clothes protected and your liquids sealed. So the trick that I do is roll fold my garments on one side, separate the suitcase with my tri-pod and seal off any liquids in a little baggie, or the extra pockets on the outside of the bag.


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