jacket : DIY The Black Wolf |

shirt : The Black Wolf |

jeans : Zara |

shoes : Gucci |


DDenim is one of those good things that you never have to worry about going out of style, or even having too much of. I honestly like wearing it more in hotter seasons than cold – typically because you don’t have too much of a variety of in hotter seasons. But anyway, that’s for another post another day. So this is a three step focus… This DIY jacket, this triple denim effect, and my mom jeans, lol.

So.. Effectively executing your denim on denim looks is a easy two step show..




1.) Know that it’s okay to play with the shades.

There’s a myth going around, idk, saying something like you have to make sure all of the shades of denim of to match. Which isn’t so true, just make sure they correlate. You know? Like flow, like a blue denim river. Lol.. one way I tend to do it is start light up top, and flow down to the pants. I custom dyed my jacket purposely for this post, and of course added a couple of knick knacks too. My jeans and top matched almost perfectly, but you see how I left a little specks of that deep blue in the jacket? Yeah, just make it flow. Now if you’re not that creative or just simple don’t know how to take your shot at the DIY craze, you can definitely find a shade that you like to parallel this summer trend!


2.) Denim is mainly jeans. Jeans are fun.

Very perfect, for a lack of better words. You can wear them during any season and it still serve its purpose. Unless you’re into mom jeans like me. Lol. Now, I can’t say if these are men’s or women’s jeans because I got the idea from a guy and these were the only pair of denim left on the mens side, soo..? Lol. But who cares. anyway. I like to call these mom jeans because of the comfort and style. Moms almost always go for comfort over style, but when you can get both, hoofuckingrah!  Pair them with a stylish pair of flats, and you’ll be surprised at the relaxed dope outfit you just made, and it also gives you something more to thank your mom for. Lol.

IMG_0656.JPGIMG_0616 copy 2.JPG



So, get you a good jean jacket and a pair of denim you feel comfortable in and that makes your denim set hit.

So, hopefully denim on denim can become a lot easier for you. Maybe you can even try these couple trends as well. Maybe I should do a DIY jacket tutorial? This is the second jacket I’ve made that you guy love. Let me know what you think?


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