jumpsuit : Chanel |

glasses : Chanel |

jacket : custom The Black Wolf |

shoes : FACTO |

II’d first like to take this opening opportunity to show you guys the beauty of a good find! Now, this jumpsuit is roughly, 76 years old! Literally, I’m not bullshitting you. It’s a vintage Chanel piece from one of CoCo’s final runway shows. Yea, literally….

(Now I know you guys probably won’t care too much about my fun fact, so… go tell your girlfriends or wives so I can have some damn body to be excited with)

Anyway, I found this piece at a consignment shop while I was to shopping with my mom and I must say, for a hell of a deal!

IMG_3599 copy.JPGIMG_3450.JPGIMG_3437.JPG

SO, the jumpsuit was originally 1,500 dollars! And you literally, won’t believe how much I actually paid for it. Because I still don’t..



Just take away one of those 0’s and boom!

I learned a couple of things this day. Was it just simply doesn’t hurt to try. I had been saying all day that I wanted to try something new and this piece came right on time. When pushing your style, you literally have to do just that. You can’t second guess or, really even think about it too much, just do it.




Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM

You’ll never be able to reach full potential without trying something new a time or two. I like to push the envelope with all things in life. It’s truly a lot more easier not asking for permission.

Never think to yourself that you can’t get something done.

I’m a big ‘I’m not going to try this on because I know it’s for me’ type of person, and I actually tried this piece on. & I know you guys are probably thinking that this is something that I wear all the time, but not to this magnitude. Lol. I mean this is a full women suit. But hey, just look at it like this ‘When GUYS deep sea dive, or even snorkel – They wear these same types of pieces and they’re pushing themselves while wearing it. Lol.

I must say, pushing your style is probably the one time where comfort isn’t necessary.

Your trying new things, you’re not going to always like everything that you’re doing. Trust me. But if you give a shot, you can at least say just that. Again, you’ll never know how good something is until you try it.

Not to mention this Biker Jacket (DIY by me, btw) and Dior scarf.  I mean, seriously, Pictures really did this look no justice.


incase you missed the DIY video, you can click below.


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