shirt : The Black Wolf |

jeans : The Black Wolf |

shoes : FACTO |


This is probably one of my favorite brands ever.  (& no not because I work so closely to them.), but because it’s a brand I believe truly in. They represent something so unspoken in the Fashion Industry. With their unisex clothing, sex appeal, and street desire… The Black Wolf is and Underground Luxury Street brand coming for the taking.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PMIMG_6115.JPG

The products that they sent me from this years S|S ’17 Collection is wild! They’ve introduced this dope Wolf Logo Tee and I must say beyond the appearance the quality is pretty damn good. It comes lined with this camo strip on the shoulder & three dominating embroidered blue stars on the front.

AND THE JEANS! The jeans are extremely lit! I mean, tuxedo jeans? Fr! So crip, clean, and fresh. I was sold because I thought that they’d be like an off-white or not fully white.. but i was happily mistaken! Only problem is the jeans came really long and I made a mistake and tailored mine a little too high! Lol, but they still a lil’ cute. Lol. I think the jeans may be my favorite part of the entire collection. I think the small embellishment details around the pocket are extraordinaire.




The fit of everything is true to size (except the button downs, they’re prettyyy tailored). Other than that, check them out! They’re a fully unisex brand! FULLY! So shop around, and tell them I sent you! 🙂


` see the full unboxing below !


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