So, here we go! It’s late Thursday evening & I’ve just up and decided to start this Summer Style series leading up to the first day of Summer (June 20th). Now, heres exactly whats about to happen, every day up until the 20th, I’m going to do a post about a Summer Trend that needs to be in your closet.

so first up…


1. Christian Dior | 2. white bandana | 3. Hermes | 4. Louis Vuitton

Scarves are such a predominant thing to have in your closet for a variety of different reasons and for ALL of the Seasons. Let’s talk about Summer though..

With summer, scarves are important to me solely because they hide the sweat, or almost stop it even. Lol! Every time I wear a scarf in the summer time, it’s like sweat becomes non-existent. As if I sweat no where (on my forehead at least.)

You have about 3 different kinds of summer scarves that you can wear. Silk, Cotton, and Cloth. With those three types, you have a gatrillion different ways that you can wear them even as accessories too. Pictured about I have on Cotton and Silk bandanas all of different price ranges – literally. From 99cents to $400 dollars. It’s all about style. Scarves compliment your summer outfit extremely well. It definitely gives them a time to shine, mainly because of summer really making you elevate your style. You can’t layer, you can’t cover, you have to really profile! Lol.


See, with all of these different Styles available, there’s really no reason to not go out and get you a couple. They’re also very perfect for a #CasualFriday look. Honestly. Nice pair of jeans, tennis shoes, hand it out the jean pocket, wear it as a belt or whatfuckever makes you feel sexy, ENJOY IT! Although I like the fake thug bandana look, the silk’s are my favorite (keeps my little hair in tact) haha!


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