Understand that jewelry is probably the most critical part of a complete look.

I say this because for some, we rely on this because we consist of such a minimal wardrobe. A good pair of denim, couple regular T-Shirts, nice accessories and easily we’re out the door. Then there’s us others, we have an obscene amount of Staples in our closet and as soon as the wrong piece is accompanied with these, our outfits literally go from A to D almost immediately!

IMG_6689 copy.jpg

There’s a million different repetitive styles of the same type of jewelry. Seriously, with price ranges all over the place, as low as $3 some places. But lets chat about how to make them work for you. You have bracelets, rings, timepieces, & necklaces! All with different styles, colors, functions, purposes, and washes. Lol! I mean its really so damn many its cray! But now we’re in the Season where jewelry is really important, especially if you’re the minimal dresser. Jeans and a tee can get you in the door, but the right jewelry and accessories can run the house.



What’s trending right now for all arm candy are the decadent bead bracelets. You know, the ones that debuted like 3 years ago and everybody was a jewelry designer then. Lol, yea… exactly! Nonetheless they were some hot pieces, and believe it or not, all those pictured above with my multi-colored black hands i’ve had since around that time! A few have even rusted and added a nice vintage appeal  to them! Some of the hottest jewelry I have to date! I insanely obsessed with crosses, so a lot of jewelry I own are those. They’re simple and can literally go anyway that you put them. I mean, who would dare disrespect a Jesus piece?

Then you get around to the Timepiece (or watches as the commoners call them). Now I’m not going to act like I’ve just been a bougie bitch all my life, because I absolutely have NOT, but i’ve educated myself on the difference in class.. and

just simple, watches are for young boys.

I mean you wouldn’t call a Diamond Bezeled Cosmograph Daytona a watch would you? Further more, when you graduate into grown man status, you start to collect timepieces. When will you know? Don’t worry.. when you find yourself taking your time taking it off to put it back in the box you bought it in… it’s time! Lol.  Timepieces don’t always have to be a Rolex, or A.P. you hear all the rappers talking about. I started out with an all gold Timex. To date still one of the coldest timepieces I own. I wear it ALOT!

So go out get you a couple of braided bracelets, a nice timepiece and a simple Jesus piece. You’ll be surprised at how it’ll completely elevate your look. Honestly… its not even funny. Now know when and how to put them on as well… if you’re going to stack, see above examples if you’re like me and don’t know exactly when to stop. Lol.


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