Today we’re going to talk about a run-a-way Summer topic… Denim! Denim is really something that you have to know how to do in the Summer. Lol. With it being so hot, people tend to run away from jeans – except for me. I love jeans in the Summer time! Jeans can be a good thing, and no you don’t necessarily have to distress them just to stay cool in them.


1. Gucci | 2. The Black Wolf | 3. G-Star | 4. TOPMAN | 5. Vince

Now.. usually you have to stick with the boring light denim to be able to get your fix in but there are actually a million and one different ways to. Like I’ve said a million times, you honestly have to pay very close attention to the details in everything you wear in the summer because it has to be ‘extra’.

I really feel like Summer is when true style shows.

So you have extra denim, Denim with embroidery denim with woves, denim with strips, denim with stripes, denim with etc.. Just a whole lot of different denims. You get a good amount of options to choose from. Now to the light denim fix… it is a good merge for the Summer time, but the one thing you must keep in mind is the quick ability to pick up dirt. Same goes for white jeans. It’s like they’re a damn dirt magnet. There’s been times I’ve worn light denim just out to meetings and get hope like I’ve been rolling around in dandelion fields! Like, what the fuck?

I have a milloin light shades of denim in my closet, and I barely even wear them because I get a little nervous thinking that just if the wind blows a little dust I’m the end target. So I stick with my darker denim, and just throw in a little twist. Like my beloved The Black Wolf denim, lord knowwsssssssssss how much I adore them! I just want to drag race in a Mercedes G-Wagon every time I put a pair on. They’re the perfect example of throwing on a little spin. And I get a little breeze between time. Lol. It’s really all about a matter of preference, but you deserve a couple of good pair of quality denim for the Summer time.


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