shirt : H&M |

kilt : Zara |

jeans : The Black Wolf |

shoes : Dolce & Gabbana |


Hands down, I think this is probably my favorite look I’ve EVER done and I have served some looks okay! I think it’s my favorite because of the outcome of it. Now it’s no secret I’m very gender fluid when it comes to my choice of clothes (honestly I know a lot of us are) and who gives a shit. Women’s clothes are always cheaper and sometimes more appealing. But anyway, I was in Zara and nitpicking through pulling for a client and ran across this piece. Now I was initially confused because I couldn’t decipher wtf it actually was – so I went asking. Nobody could answer either so I went into the dressing room and kind of took a crack at it.

When I came out, the manager was just like, freaking out!



I mean like, almost yelling. Us all in the dressing room was literally looking like… Uhm, wtf? So she finally says…

‘OMG that is the most creative thing I’ve ever seen somebody do! That is a whole top and you made *awkward hand gesture* whatever that is out of it!’

So apparently this was supposed to be a top, and I’m definitely not fluid enough to walk around with a strapless tuxedo top.. I mean my tits wouldn’t even hold it up. Lol. Honestly, this was something so natural, so whatever that I didn’t even realize how innovative it had became. I mean, I honestly didn’t think about it and just wanted something different for my client, and kabloosh!


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM.png

Moral of all of this, is just make the best out of nothing.. It’s three easy ways to do this (with life in general)

1.) Understand that the way you may see, isn’t the only way achievable.

2.) Think outside the box! Be you, shit that’s what YOU is for.

3.) Enjoy yourself! Self confidence in key in any decision you’re going to make!

Be Happy! Be Comfortable! Be YOU!


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