half-hoodie : F21  |

shirt : The Black Wolf |

pants : The Black Wolf |

shoes : Louis Vuitton |

bag : Chanel |

glasses : Tom Ford |

DAMN! literally a word that I was repeating the entire time throughout the presentation.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset





Today I debuted my hair color for this season, and it was NONE of the colors that I asked you guys if I should do or not (Ice Blue, Gray,Or Blonde – again). Lol. I can never get past Blonde most tie because I feel that it’s fits me so well – so for me to go PINK! was crazy. Lol.




More importantly, lets talk about this dope ass show/pwarty Kith threw! Fucking crazy.

They did F O U R different shows in one – showcasing their original runway collection and collaborations that they did with other Sports brands including Adidas & Nike. This is my first time collaborating with KITH on anything, although I must admit it has been VERY enlightening! Like, they took Urban Luxury to a COMPLETELY new level!


What I enjoyed most about the entire presentation was the dedication. You could literally FEEL Ronnie & his team’s dedication, passion, and design through the entire set. The energy was literally VIBRATING throughout the building. I love the Pier venues because they offer you a forced creativity.. Like, you have no choice to incorporate ever single aspect of every square inch because it honestly gives you no choice, and each time.. delivery is made. And with KITH, came no exception, as you can see.

Besides, who else can get Scottie Pippen AND LeBron James to make an extensive cameo/walkthrough in their show?

IMG_0884.JPG 2.jpg

after the party it’s the AFTERparty!

IMG_0888.JPG 2.jpg

KITH is known for they’re good ass designs, and even better ass ice cream! THEY HAD THE ICE CREAM JOINT AT THEY FUCKING SHOW! I was shooketh yo, fr! Like they always got shop set up at they’re atelier (go check it out by the way) BUT AT THE SHOW THOUGH! Not to mention they had an open bar, with some of the best Tequila I’ve tasted, and had the food set-up as a damn concession stand! I was in heaven bra! HEAVEN! The performances, the vibes, the all around atmosphere was wild. A perfect way to start off the season.

Thank you guys for having me!


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