Welcome to NYFW Day 2 (technically one for me)

shirt : The Black Wolf |

belt & kilt : Moschio |

boots : YSL |

bag : Chanel |

I’m trying to do day by day plays with you guys in real time as much as possible instead of making you wait AND I ACTUALLY GOT INVITED TO SHOWS THIS YEAR! Lol. So of course who else would I like to share it with!IMG_2624

First up is my all time favorite, Jeremy Scott!

His originality, taste, and authenticity is so unmatched! I can always depend on him to bring my best out. Lol. The evening was flooded with stars, Moschino, and love! I went with a very, street-couture look. Something with a little more edge than usual. I saw this kilt about a year a ago while I was working on a set and it was something that we didn’t use and my director was just like ‘Here, I’ve been seeing you eye it all night’ and I’m finally giving it spin! So Thank You Grace! I paired it with The Black Wolf logo tee and it was all over. I honestly didn’t even know how it would turn out so I just kind of thew everything together at one point and dug these together. Not to mention when we were transitioning to the right train I FUCKING STEPPED ON MY PIECE AND RIPPED IT RIGHT IN THE FUCKING FRONT!! So my friend and I went on the rat race trying to find a sewing kit and luckily we did find one, but and the end of the night I did it again. Smfh.


My favorite part of it all was the line-up! I mean honestly – GiGi, Jourdan, Joan, Karlie | the list was honestly endless! After the show he stormed the runway himself! Looking absolutely breathtaking to say the least. After the show there was the party. They had ENDLESS mojitos of Min, Raspberry, & Watermelon maybe? Honestly can’t remember I could only think about it after it was finished. Lol. OHH! So we had front row seats, which I can’t even believe in the first place –

and not to mention we were graced with these cute little bags with the themed ‘Viva Avant Garde’ bags. After the shows are the perfect times to network and really chat with people amongst you. Shows like this there’s no rift-raft so everybody is worth the knowing and everyone is friendlier over a couple of cocktails. After the show everyone that was invited pretty much transitioned to the Afterparty @ The Public Hotel. It was reaching past capacity right before we made the cut!



Jeremy and everyone involved thank you SO much for an evening of Showgirl Style Fashions and mojitos that just wouldn’t quit! Cheers to an awesome season 🙂


(I’ve got a blog coming guys don’t stress it’s just going to be one big movie so stay tuned. You can still keep up with me on Snap & InstaStories but heres the day incase you missed it.)

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