It seems like I wasn’t the real star of this Season’s #NYFW!


I was getting a gatrillion messages about the bag that was setting off all of my NYFW looks. So here’s to my Chanel mini-tote. Believe it or not, this is from 2015 and just never really decided to wear it. It was the perfect little knick knack to compliment everything… literally. I originally planned on just using as a carry for my extra things, until I saw that my entire freaking wallet, passes, my phones and my lip balm would fit inside without a single problem!

Like, no problem at all! I was truly amazed and I couldn’t believe it. So I went ahead and made it into a complete carry around. Now it is originally a women’s bag, BUT guys it’s 2017. Who honestly gives a fuck? And besides, it also came with attachments for a longer strap to make it into a messenger style bag. I was so excited! Because nothing beats having to carry around a big ass bag (even though I ended up doing it anyway) lol.


(See full 360 below)


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