shirt : H&M |

jeans : The Black Wolf |

shoes : Maison Margiela |

belt : Hermes |

glasses : Tom Ford |


So here we are, Saturday.. you halfway have a lot of company errands to run (still on the weekend) but you’re also trying to get slizzered afterwards, so what do you do? Create you’re own professional off-duty style. Regardless of the moment or the day, you always want to have a sleek look to you. You know, always repared to interview on the spot, or hit a couple of bars on the strip.


When I’m creating my ‘professional off-duty’ style, this is the one time I really engage in paying attention to accessorizing and making every single detail connect. I went with IMG_1449.JPG.jpeggold to thoroughly accent the deep denim (that bled on my fucking peanut butter interior of my car, btw). Gold was the color that I felt make everything pop because of the black on blue. Now if I did blue on black denim, definitely silver. That’s just a little theory that I have, maybe I’ll do a post on it for you guys. But furthermore – makes sure everything aligns. if you look closely to my sock boots, you’ll see around the heel that it’s lined with a gold trim. Gold belt (black belt to add a calming factor), gold necklace, and a gold trimmed watch. Sounds like a bit much huh? But everything pulled together is not a bad look at all. Now you can play around with your accessories, and no you don’t have to be so anal about every detail as am I, but you don’t want everything to lie together, rather than put on together. Feel me?


There are a couple of different ways that you can make your off-duty style work for you.. regardless of your career and there’s honestly no ‘blue-print’ to creating your OWN style, I’m here with tips on how I get to mine. Looks like these are honestly some of my favorites. So comfortable and classic, and it almost seems like I get more compliments when it’s more simple? Idk. Either way it goes – just make sure that you’re comfortable.

As usual when picking an outfit, pick what your focal piece is going to be.

For example, I wanted my jeans to be my focal point so I built around that. And everything else just sort of fell into place. Lately I’ve been on this no accessory grip and it’s been working for me, but sometimes a good look isn’t good without a couple of good additions!


Should I do a post on dressing without accessories? Let me know.


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