blazer : Ralph Lauren |

shirt : H&M |

shorts : Levi’s |

shoes : YSL |

So, all in a nutshell this is kinda what Fall in Houston looks like… Now, I’ve never liked the thigh high boots with the shorts look but I always enjoyed looking at it and the concept. So I decided to put my spin on it! Now for some reason, to me it looked more of ‘season and grace’ and stylish with a lower cut denim short. You know? to like meet the boot. Now guys, this look can be more you, but with a cowboy boot or Fear Of God

cowboy boot or Fear Of God high rise sneaker if the Over The Knee boot is a little too riskay for you. Now originally, I had intended on doing this with a cut-off sleeve graphic tee – but that wouldn’t be of season so I’ll wait on that one *winks* lol. Anyway, I decided to take a different approach and spice it up a little bit with a out-of-office type of feel, and it worked! Very well might I add myself.



Just make it you, gain new inspiration, and really stray away from the norm – get uncomfortable, get fashionable!

Believe it or not, Every single piece in this look I’ve had in my closet for literally, FOREVER. & even blogged about them, multiple times but the presentation of each time is different of course so it gives a different look and feel (I think I’ll do a post on that) but they key of the look is this vintage double breasted purple label Ralph Lauren blazer. It been in my family since the early 1920’s! So every chance I get I’m slamming this into something. I would’ve never guessed how long this gem has been around.. just off the condition of the piece alone is so amazing! The original embroidery, bold engraved bronzed buttons, I mean really…!


Try those new trends you feel a little nervous about, dye your hair, brings back something that you loved as a kid.

At the end of the day, nobody is wearing this (yet) but you.. so regardless of how you transition or re-define your style, a new season is a clean slate for you, your image, and your closet. You can honestly start over and make it whatever you want. One thing that I really love to do, is dig into my closet and find those things that have a little dust on them, and completely flip it around. That’s usually when my creation/outfits are the most fun and I start seeing it EVERYWHERE!


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