waiste coat : Banana Republic |

pants : American Apparel |

belt : Hérmes |

top : Theory |

shoes : YSL |

Innovation is a key in elevating your style!

Seriously, I mean there’s no way that we would have half of the pieces, or anything for that matter without someone going out the box to create something that we’ll all still love years after the fact. So, I’m here to give you some of my secrets (as damn usual) on how to be innovative with your fashions and tricking you wardrobe into giving more.


So for starters, you must be able to have an eye for whatever it is that your thinking about creating – or honestly just be tired of looking at something over and over. Which is what happened with two of the pieces that I have on in this look.

Incase you haven’t noticed, this brown staple on my waiste is really a sleeveless suede trench? Yeah, exactly. Who would’ve though to throw I around your waiste? ME! Lol. I’m so obsessed with this kilt thing right now I don’t know what else to do! So, I wanted a more luxe piece that’ll catapult Kilts. Now I know this isn’t as masculine as you’d like, and I’ll probably do it in a different style for the Autumn LookBook, but here’s where your creative eye should jump into effect.

SO, this is a real live jacket… and what I did was take a nice belt, and loop it through the open arm area (before you ask, I’m not sure how this’ll work for a jacket with full arms but it doesn’t hurt to try! Send me pics too!) and connect it in the front. I pulled the opening as close to the center of the front and back as possible and BOOM an entire new piece! I liked the collar both up and down, but flipped up added this certain flare I couldn’t deny.

Now, this one was actually pretty simple and didn’t require any effort, just a little more thought than anything. Now we all know how much I adore my YSL over-the-knees, but I can even admit they can get a little drastic sometimes. Lol. Especially when it comes to taking these bad boys off. Lol. So literally last night I was taking them off from shooting something before and

I was just appalled at how hard it was this night and just folded them over was like, oh shit.. this is kinda cute!

I literally loved it so much that I ended up laying down and fell asleep with the shits on! Lol.


SO there you go! I’m going to raid my closet and see what else I can make something out of nothing into, and vice versa! If you guys find anything and want to share it, let me know!


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