fanny : Tommy Hilfiger |

jacket : Levi’s |

shirt : H&M |

jeans : Joe’s |

shoes : YSL |


It’s all about the presentation of the look. You can rock it however you  want.

I said to myself when I first saw this repeat trend, I wasn’t going to fall victim to it, but here I am – a victim. Lol. So, here’s the thing.. my grandmother and mom have a catrillion of these Millennial Messenger Bags, as I like to call them, but wouldn’t even let me stand 5 feet next to them because they’re haters so I went and found my own. I’ve had this dark denim Cub’s Levi’s jacket since I visited about 3-4 months ago and never got a chance to wear it (knowing I wasn’t when I bought it but the salesman was just so… you know) so I bought it and the easiest way out with denim you don’t know wha to wear with is throwing more denim on top of it.


What’s funny about ‘trends’ is not that they repeat themselves, but HOW they repeat themselves. I find it truly amazing how each generation finds a million different ways to put our spin on something and call it ‘new’, when technically it is, to us..

For example, taking the fanny across the body.

Although a simple trend, it was honestly groundbreaking to me. At the innovation. The versatility. The re-birth. And that’s what fashion is all about! G O  D ! !

Sorry, had a moment there.



This is something that anybody, of any age can do.. and that’s the main thing I love about this universal trend (yes, I love everything) It’s fashionable age appropriate for anybody. If around the waist is al title much for you, just through it across your shoulders. Hell, pull it down like messenger if you have to and ease your way up. But just do it. Enjoy yourself! As far as your outfit goes, its a matter of the Fanny you choose. Although denim is a great match if you don’t want to take it to the extreme in the beginning.


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