trench : BCBG Runway |

pants : H&M |

shoes : Zara |

tank : Zara |

I can’t be the only one that gets pissed off with Autumn, honestly…

I mean here we are going from sweating our balls off, to them getting shriveled up into an invert position by a simple breeze.. all in a matter of a couple days! SO we have to fins some happy medium with out daily outfits. Something that will keep you warm in the mornings going through the morning dew, and can effectively adjust when it starts to feel like summer and spring again mid-dam-day.



Regardless of how hot it is, I have absolutely no problem mixing seasons! In and out, and back and forth!

I’ll sweat every bit of calorie in my body off for a complete look. Trust me. So with that comes a little mix and matching. Now mix and matching is definitely a sort of art form – because regardless of the season you’re wanting to portray you still want to look ‘appropriate’. What I do is take a couple of my favorite pieces from the Summer season and try to see how to merge them together with some in-season pieces.

For Example:

Here I’m wearing a suede trench coat.. probably the hottest ting next to velour. Now the last thing you want in a suede anything is to sweat through it. I’m speaking from experience. Not only is the appearance embarrassing, but it ruins your piece. Sweat is like oil to clothes. It’s fucking detrimental!


With that being said, I wanted to get a little damn airflow up through there… in comes the mesh tank. Definitely a summer essential! You honestly, can use any type of tank, or shirt period, this just gave me the effect that I needed. Moving on.. I’ve had these wax biker pants for forever! They’re so reliable to the point where sometimes I could wear them for days at a time! No bullshitting. Oh shut up, stop looking like that! I know you have those pair of pants that stay at the edge of the bed for that just-in-case moment.


Completing the look is my new favorite 9.99 on sale Zara sock boots. They’re leather, so that just throws all the seasoning on top that I need. I’m going through this little to no-accessory moment right now, and it’s actually been working for me really closes in on the focal point of what really matters (the looks). Anyway, the whole point of this all is learning how to make last season work as much as possible before it hits the bin until next year! Mix an match and have fun. This is probably the closest you’ll ever get to making it work for you, aka making Fashion somewhat ‘functional’. Lol!


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