shirt : HM A&W17 |

pants : HM A&W17 |

shoes : Gucci |


I love a good tailored suit and woven myself, but sometimes – FUCK IT.

It’s 2017, and now more than ever times are changing. ‘Evolving’ more towards us and away from the normal. I think it’s expected of our age to just throw the towel in and kind of do things our way. Even in the professional world. I was wrapping up a dinner meeting the other day when I saw a gentleman in a fitted slouched button down, a nice pair of cropped slacks, and with NO tie! I was appalled. Like, really in shock.



SO, I’m here to chat about it. There are a variety of different brands to cater to the millennial look, even Wal-Mart has affordable looks that you may like..

I chose the new studio collection from H&M (not sponsored) because they literally had exactly what I’m looking for.

1.) The button down was an extremely perfect logic for me and what I was wanting to do. Premium cotton, light affordable, and not so put together. I know you’re locked in on the bedazzle thats on my shirt.. that’s what we call a brooch! Ditch the tie (when you can) and try a good brooch. They’re so fun and professionally unprofessional. I mean honestly, there’s a million different types! And NO, they’re not only for women.

2.) The slacks are my initial visual of slacks either way. A good flow to them when you walk, and a smidge of skin showing! Cropped pants are always a go for me. Even when the winter comes, you’ll still see me in cropped pants. (especially with my new desire for character socks increasing)

3.) The shoe. I’m honestly tired of this driving shoe, but thats the problem when you but things to match everything! It creates a more chic appeal. Contraire to a monk strap shoe, or an Oxford.


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