shirt : The Black Wolf |

pants : Ralph Lauren Purple Label |

watch : Rolex  |

shoes : ZARA |


Understand something, okay… versatility in Fashion is necessary.

While nothing is wrong with sticking to what you know.. its doesn’t hurt to experiment with different looks, and it takes nothing. Honestly! Just push your limits honestly. So, why not start with this one.


Tuxedo pants have been around for FOREVER! Not to mention that you don’t even have to have any certain types of style, any certain type of look, any certain type of anything to make them work for you. The Specific pair that I’m wearing are old old school. Like the type your great grandfather has buried somewhere in his closet from those gold old flapper parties. Lol.

I love these. I prefer this style a lot more over the newer styles. And for one reason, the versatility and endurance (well, thats technically two.. but you get it.) The buckles, they’re not only fashionable, but they also serve a purpose, YOU CAN ADJUST THE WAISTE! So if you fluctuate on the scale like me, this is SO perfect!


Beyond that, back in the day high/mid waist pants were the norm for the elite class of men. Even now, ever wondered why your grandpa and his friends wear there pants so high? He was bossy as fuck thats why. Lol.

Tuxedo pants are a closet necessity hands down! You can dress them up, AND down.

Tuxedo pants are a closet necessity hands down! You can dress them up, AND down. And the best part about when you dress them up you don’t have to do the extra. A nice woven, or even the appropriate sweater will work perfectly fine and you can still look as dapper as ever. I chose to go with this The Black Wolf  A|W’16 woven because of the architecture of their pieces. It’s literally, un-real. You might as well say that I was ready for a Gala or two how transformed the outfit became.

IMG_3533 2.JPG

A little fun fact: This was actually a look that was supposed to make it to NYFW last month.. but, didn’t quite make the cut. Lol.

Anyway, get you a pair of Tuxedo pants. Even a good Tuxedo. You never know when you might need it or where you might end up and you don’t even have to spend a busload of money. Although this is Purple Label, I thrifted the pants. In fact, it was an ENTIRE tuxedo. I looked up the Vintage. It was apart of there opening Purple Label collection. Somebody didn’t want it anymore and hadn’t worn it that much either because it’s in spectacular condition.


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