I mean honestly, we all need a couple of good trends. Regardless of how hard we try to steer away from it.. we fall victim to it. Luckily, These aren’t necessarily trends for the Autumn, which is why I think that they’re easy to give a shot, especially with them being so easy to just transfer right along with you into the Winter!

Let’s start with Color Blocking.


pants : Zara |

shoes : Helmut Lang |

hat : Urban Outfitters |

sweater : H&M Studio A-W’17 |


Color Blocking is a precedent in any season.

It’s usually something that I talk about for the more warmer seasons because it’s a play on not being able to layer and wear certain things in the Summer, but further more.. color blocking is an architect to me. Like it can either be really easy and look fantastic, or be COMPLETELY the opposite. Starting with the colors that you choose specifically. Not although color blocking is a good chance to step out on a limb, but you also want to keep it neat. For example, using Fall Colors – and even colors of the same category if you’re not too sure of how you want to play it out.

Then you have my personal favorite – Hats!

Beenies specifically. Believe it or not, I’ve had this hat since I was a Sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL! I probably wore it half of a full time because I’m almost certain it didn’t even make it out of the door. But beanies really pop an outfit. Adds that edge to any chic, or the class to any street look. There’s a million different styles to boss up with. Just pick one!

There’s no ‘What looks good’ or, have this specific style head for hats. Just wear what you like.


Last – L E A T H E R !

I mean, self explanatory right! Now usually this is the norm for Winter! But it’s 41 degrees in N.Y. right now, and actually a slight breeze here in Houston.. so trust me, its necessary! Guys, leather is not just something for women! And I mean leather pants! WE CAN WEAR THEM TOO. They’re made for us, I mean imagine how jealous the girls are going to get seeing how toned we look in them! Lol. Honestly.


Color Block with a good Beanie and finish it all off with leather.. now thank me later!

Haha, #BARZZ!


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