shirt : The Black Wolf |

jeans : The Black Wolf |

Debut collections are so much fun to me! Like, beyond fun! & you know what’s even better… getting the packages. Lol. This is of course from one of my favorite brands, The Black WIMG_6500

Now if I’m being completely honest, they were the first pair of Tuxedo jeans that [ I ] seen/wore back in y senior yer of High School. Fast forwarding to now, the quality.. the structure.. the popularity, is truly amazing right now. So when I got this package wayyyy back before the debut ( Fell behind because I…. click here to see, Lol ) Now I can share an entire look with you from their a|w’17 collection


Street style is very precedent these days.

and like I always say, hella easy. It doesn’t take much to look this fly. Especially with these pieces from The Bee Dub (aka The Black Wolf you know? Cause Bee and A Dub is technically a W but, yea.. nvmnd). So like I said about the denim! They’re this deep black ora, that’s NOT DYED btw! I have peanut butter interior in my car and have to CONSTANTLY clean them because of the jeans I wear and have yet to have to re-clean because I’ve literally been wearing them since I got them. They fit like a  Not to mention the Swarovski element Paw tee!


It has openings from right above the shoulder to about a quarter length one there wrist. So like a baseball tee, but elevated like a mother.. The paw on the chest is even embellished with a few Swarovski jewels that will literally, blind the hell out of you. Lol. But don’t just take my word for it – go visit them! Check them out! You won’t believe how affordable and classic the pieces are!


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