sweater: H&M |

pants: The Black Wolf |

shoes: Jimmy Choo |


Now look, Winter is quickly approaching, okay – QUICKLY! Lol and idk about you guys, but although I love my Winter Fashions.. I kind of loathe getting dressed for it! I mean shit, it takes so much effort! So here’s to a quick hack, but don’t you tell nobody about this!IMG_4316.JPG


SERIOUSLY, I mean.. honestly! I have on 2 articles of clothing, & my outfit is pretty f’ing dope! A chunky sweater, extravagant pant & shoes, and finished with some pretty precise diamonds. Lol. Anyway, you guys gave me such good feedback about my 3 Fall Trends, specifically about the sweater and needless to say it is definitely one piece you must have.

I’m so about transitional pieces (a piece that you can take with you from season to season and it’s doesn’t give that “out of place” look. Fall is all about preparing. You’re getting with all kinds of unexpected weather (In HTX 54 to 87 overnight, aka intentional pneumonia) and in some places the weather presents accordingly.


The primary focus of a Style Hack is to minimize efforts on looking good.


Lol, period. At first glance of this look, you’re just like “Oh, here he goes with his dope girl clothes again” but then you’re like, “Damn, it is pretty dope.” Lol – Anyway the main focus is that you want to get a dope sweater that’ll look good, minimally. Or, you can even find a extra ass chunky sweater and bring it down a bit (i.e. the sweater I’m currently wearing in this post. Extra AF, but brought down a bit.) You don’t have to pair to heavily either. I’m extra but as displayed in 3 Fall Trends, that’s a simpler cleaner look of exactly what I’m showcasing now.



A storm is coming, just finished my first time quarterly planning.. So you can say shit is getting pretty serious this way. Lol!

But remember – Minimize the effort, stylishly.


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